femly™ period care is made with 100% organic cotton grown in the U.S. Designed with eco-friendly paper.


Our sleek & smart vending options make restroom access a breeze for low to high-traffic restrooms.


With inclusive features for all users and plug-free operation, femly™ dispensers support all organizations.

A Thoughtful restroom addition

Changing the Tide: Period Poverty

80% of the menstruating population goes without necessary menstrual products in public.

femly™ is dedicated to transforming onsite experiences for students, working women, and all individuals. By ensuring the availability of period care & free-vend dispensers, we're promoting equity in health and hygiene where you need it most, period.

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Become a period care partner!
Become a period care partner!
Become a period care partner!
Become a period care partner!

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Our Impact Across Industries

In Education

Femly enhances educational experiences by providing easy access to organic menstrual products in schools, ensuring students can focus on learning without the worry of menstrual care needs.

For Healthcare

Femly aids healthcare facilities in offering compassionate care by ensuring patients and staff have convenient access to organic menstrual products, enhancing comfort and hygiene standards."

At Entertainment Venues

Femly enhances guest experiences at entertainment venues by offering readily available organic menstrual products, ensuring visitors can fully enjoy their leisure time without interruptions."

In Athletic Stadiums

Femly supports athletic venues in promoting health and inclusivity, providing athletes and spectators with easy access to organic menstrual care, keeping focus on the game.

Supporting small businesses

Femly empowers small businesses to cater to their customers' needs by providing organic menstrual products, showcasing their commitment to customer care and inclusivity.